The HARVEST DVDS have finally arrived!

The film was picked up by distributor 7th Art Releasing and DVDs have just been released.

Shot on location in Sonoma County, director John Beck’s new feature-length documentary follows five family wineries – Foppiano, Robledo, Rafanelli, Harvest Moon and Robert Hunter – along with an amateur home winemaker and a rare all-female picking crew from Mexico, through what many would call “the toughest harvest” in their lifetime.

“Harvest” could care less about vanilla oaky finishes or fruit-forward quaffs. This is a gritty film that picks up viewers and drops them in the vineyards at 2 a.m. to see dark night picks illuminated only by tiny headlamps, 24/7 machine harvesting and the impact of 3 inches of rain on a cluster of grapes.

If you love wine and want to know how the grapes are harvested, you’ll want to see this film!